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The Start-up - Putting the pieces together

Right now, you’re either holding a piece of paper with an idea on it or you’ve taken the big leap and started up. Whichever it is, you could probably do with some help. However many skills you have, I’m afraid you don’t have them all.

Rusty Rabbit works with start-ups to bring a vision to life. Bring your dream to us and we can help you build it into a robust, profitable business. From corporate structure, brand development, manufacturing, operations, through distribution, launch and retail services, our small business consulting services offer everything and anything you need to launch your enterprise.

Who we serve

The Propeller brand - Phase one achieved

Your brand is out there and gaining all those wins that make you get up in the morning. You’re on the cusp of greatness, but you can’t find that little something that will act as a rocket booster. Let Rusty Rabbit bring a whole bag of objectivity to the office and help you see the missed opportunity and the overlooked brake block.

With our forensic analytical services and raft of other consultancy skills, all born of long experience, we can work with you to push your business beyond take off and up into cruising altitude.

Who we serve

The Established brand - Expanding horizons

Eventually cruising altitude will not be enough for you.

The stratosphere will beckon. Opportunities will open up beyond your borders and the lure of greater market share will prove irresistible.

Expansion strategies come in many different forms and through a combination of rigorous analysis of your current positioning, open-minded strategic thought, market and econometric modelling and stress-testing, Rusty Rabbit are experts at identifying the expansion strategies most appropriate for your brand and business.

Our experience has helped brands expand into many other world markets, as well as to broaden their range offering, either through organic growth or through acquisition. Our consultants can guide through the complex areas of global licencing, international registrations, financial and tax planning and worldwide logistics.

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