Clarity of process brings greater creativity, greater control and greater effectiveness. That’s what we believe and that’s what we practise. So we split our consulting process into three core pillars of activity:

See, think, do.

  • See
  • Think
  • Do
  • Analyze & research

    Drill down, lift every corner of a carpet, ask the awkward questions. Interrogate the client until it confesses its strengths. Of course it’s good to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to feel what they feel, but at this stage, you’ve also got to let objectivity take the lead.

    We do the desk research, the internal process investigations, the workflow analysis. We explore the relationships with customers, partners, employees. We conduct total operations analysis including internal and external expense and profitability metrics. We do the competitor analysis. We gather all the data and the insights.

    We take nothing for granted, not the S, W, O or the T.

    We cover every base.

    We’ll take up your time in this phase and we’re not sorry.

  • Strategic development

    Don’t let anyone tell you that “what if” is a negative question. That’s the central plank of the intensive think-tank stage of the process. It’s what dreams are built on.

    Armed with data and insights from analysis, we explore the possibilities and opportunities open to you, based on your vision and your mission.

    Sometimes we’ll arrive at a single answer; other times, a range of options will emerge and your definition of success will determine the route you choose.

    All along the way, strategic development is only as strong as the collaborative effort put into it. And whatever the route, never forget that innovation is the foundation to immediate, quantifiable and sustainable success.

  • Little word, big space.

    Asset development & management

    This is the culmination, the most critical pillar.

    Great strategic ideas are nothing more than that until they are executed. And this is the stage where we strive to become an invaluable resource into the future for our clients.

    The thinking doesn’t end here; we channel it into the skillsets of our consultants in each area of need: visual brand development, operation and process configuration, marketing and sales campaign implementation and management, digital asset development and maintenance, as well as datacenter architecture and automated workflow process design. And because success is a work in progress, we review, refine and re-execute; we manage SEO, social media presence, web content, data harvesting and analysis. If you’re still like “do you do…?”, have a look at What we do. Or come and ask us direct.