Trends shaping the business consulting industry in 2020

Want To Understand The Trends Challenging The Traditional Business Consulting Industry Practices? Keep Reading To Find Out More.

In the past, business consultants have relied heavily on recruiting individuals that fit a certain mould and implementing one-size-fits-all business models. However, the business consulting industry is rapidly changing these generic practices, find out how below.

Tailor-Made Solutions

No longer can consultants rely on ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions, they are expected to offer tailor-made services that meet functional, industry and individual client requirements. This in turn enables consultancies to add value to their clients.
At Rusty Rabbit International we understand that no one business is the same. The Rusty Rabbit International business consulting and marketing firm tailors our line of work to each of our client’s individual needs.
Analyze and Research. This is the first and most important step for each new client at our business consultancy. Our experienced consultants are able to step into the shoes of an employee, partner and a customer of your organisation, to gain valuable insight into your processes and potential weaknesses.

Industry Know-How

As industries become more complex, so do the needs of the businesses utilizing business consultants. More than ever before, advisory work needs to be industry-specific.
Our team utilizes our business consulting experience in business logistics, international markets and manufacturing to support smaller startup companies and well-established companies wishing to achieve business growth, through the use of an international expansion strategy.


Business consulting firms are starting to think outside the box during the recruitment process. In recent years, candidates were hired based on a fixed set of requirements such as MBAs from prestigious schools or family connections. Today, we’re excited to see that consulting firms are hiring consultants based on real-world interactions and experience.
At Rusty Rabbit International we work with both startups and well-established brands. Our goal is not just to create or grow a new company, brand, product or website for you, but with strategic creativity, establish a central location both online and off that is engaging, entertaining and interactive.
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